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About me:
Hello Darlings <3 My name is Ruth, I come from a beautiful little country called Northern Ireland and I blow my 18th birthday candles out on the 8th of August.
My ambition is to become a writer, I love reading books. I love Austen and the brontes too

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I just want to write myself a world and go live in it 

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Anonymous whispered: i know this probably won't help but you are not alone sweetheart! i've done it before and i had the exact same thoughts as you, i felt anxious about it all too but one thing i've learnt is that time heals, you won't feel as bad about it in the future. i'm sure the pictures won't affect you at all and you'll be able to go to uni and become a great writer :)

Come off anon you shy little thing, aww i love this type of anon.

    Yes, you are so right when you say that time is a GREAT HEALER. It may seem really bad right now, but I’m hopefully be okay in the future.

  Thank you about the going to uni/ becoming a great writer bit, I can only say I HOPE SO! in response…. « self promotion ive written things before with very little planning or plot structure involved… 

Thank you for messaging me :)