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About me:
Hello Darlings <3 My name is Ruth, I come from a beautiful little country called Northern Ireland and I blow my 18th birthday candles out on the 8th of August.
My ambition is to become a writer, I love reading books. I love Austen and the brontes too

Feel free to have a little look around my blog :)
big-black-horse whispered: Your blog is incredible! I love it! So cute and pretty and lovely :)

Thank you so much!

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come on don’t be shy. 

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Is it just me or do american teenagers look older than they actually are?

Like there’s this 16 year old boy and he looks like he’s my age (18)
I just find it strange

Downton Abbey Rewatch + 2x01

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kahvebuhari whispered: I didn't know that you like broadway. Now i like your account more than ever.

thanks :) i just really enjoy musical theatre in general haha 


       hey guys please have a read of this! this is my story that i write now :) new chapter coming your way soon